13:45 – 14:10

Leadership 2020

These days everybody’s talking about the re-invention of the car. 

But to get there, it’s not enough to change its drivetrains – we also need to re-think what drives our Leaders. That’s the scope of the “Leadership 2020” initiative at Daimler. Just recently, we’ve held our “Leadership 2020 Summit” to push ahead the probably biggest change process within our company’s history. 

Our goal: a new corporate culture. We’re re-thinking the way we motivate, cooperate, and lead at Daimler in the future.

Markus Rettich

Daimler Corporate Academy

Markus focuses at DCA on leadership development for vice presidents and provides management consultancy to corporate and business unit specific development processes. Having studied science of education and psychology, Markus joined Daimler in 1996. Since then he has held several positions in the field of leadership and organization development. He has led and coached many projects to implement significant changes of strategy, innovation and culture. 

His main interest is in the dynamics of organisation culture and leadership behaviour to drive strategy and performance.